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Release date : . 2001,

Ten Mile Bank

In the summer of 2002, Sunscreem’s percussionist Bongo Ted threw a party at Ten Mile Bank in Norfolk and this album is based on the DJ set he played that night. It consists of a seamless blend of tracks recorded by Sunscreem over three years, together with remixes by Matt Darey, Angelic and the Trouser Enthusiasts.  Also included are two of Sunscreem’s remixes under the name Chiba.

The album begins and ends with the same haunting vocal “Who Will Love Me Now” originally recorded for the film “Passion Of Darkly Noon”, starring Ashley Judd, which won a Silver award at the European Film Festival in 1997. This near accapella was reworked and remixed by Sunscreem and Belgian maestro Push to spawn the anthem “Please Save Me” which gave Sunscreem a welcome return to the UK charts as well as appearing as the lead track in the film “South West Nine”.