Release date : 1997. 2018,

Out of the Woods

Out of The Woods’ was recorded in the turbulent period during which writers Lucia and Paul left their major record label, the band members dispersed to start other projects, and then their new record company crashed just as the first single ‘Catch’ had climbed to the top of the dance charts in both the UK and USA. The album was never released, however a number of promotional copies were made and distributed among fans. Some tracks – notably ‘Who Will Love Me Now’ – were remixed and released separately. Twenty-one years on, the full-length original album of 13 tracks is released.

·        Britannia

·        Catch

·        Change

·        Heaven

·        Cover Me

·        Smile

·        Goodtimes

·        I’m in love with a German Film Star

·        Where are the Angels

·        Who Will Love Me Now

·        Coda

·        All Fall Down

·        Wonder